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Dog Fear Free

Fear Free Certified

Our Fear Free team redefines the very essence of veterinary care, creating an environment that transcends routine check-ups and procedures. More than just a physical space, our clinic strives to be calm, with carefully chosen elements such as soothing colors to alleviate stress and anxiety for your pets. Our commitment extends beyond the aesthetics – our team is extensively trained in understanding the nuanced language of pet behavior, allowing us to interpret their needs and emotions more accurately.

At Sactown Vet, Fear Free is not just a certification; it’s a comprehensive approach woven into the fabric of our care philosophy. We believe in tailoring each interaction to the unique needs of your pet, utilizing gentle handling techniques and Fear Free protocols to ensure that every moment at our clinic is a positive one. From the moment your pet enters our doors, we focus on building a positive association with the veterinary experience, utilizing positive reinforcement, and creating an atmosphere of trust.

Our dedication to Fear Free practices is not just about the duration of a visit; it’s a lifelong commitment to the well-being and happiness of your furry family members. By fostering a strong bond between you and your pets, we aim to make every visit a stress-free journey towards optimal health. Sactown Vet is not just a place for veterinary care; it’s a partner in ensuring a lifetime of joy, comfort, and well-being for your cherished companions.

Here’s a selection of our favorite resources to learn more about Fear Free visits:

Victory Visits

These customized, one-on-one appointments are designed to help your pet conquer their fears! In each season, one of our Fear Free Certified Professionals will work with your pet on addressing a specific vet-care-related fear, such as nail trims. Through gentle handling, slow desensitization, and lots of praise and love, we’ll teach your pet that trips to the vet aren’t anything to be afraid of. 

Happy Visits

A trip to the vet where only good things happen? Absolutely! Bring your pet in for a free Happy Visit to let them sniff around, get some treats, love, and praise, and leave happy! Not only are these visits fun, but they’re also instrumental in positively reinforcing that the vet is just a nice place to be. If you have a dog who gets nervous at the vet, Happy Visits are an excellent way to reduce their fears and increase their comfort.

Are you interested in a Victory or Happy Visit for your pet? Ask us for more information today!

Cat Cat Friendly

Cat Friendly Practice Gold Certified

There’s a saying in the veterinary field: “cats are not just small dogs.” We not only take this to heart, but we go above and beyond to meet the very different needs of our feline patients in all that we do, beginning the moment you walk in the door. We’re incredibly proud to have been awarded the highest achievement possible by the American Association of Feline Practitioners: a Gold-level Cat Friendly Practice Certification.

This means that we prioritize not only your cat’s physical health but also their mental and emotional well-being. A large proportion of the feline population does not go to the veterinarian routinely, primarily due to the unique challenges of bringing a cat to the vet. As a Gold-level Cat Friendly Practice, we’re devoted to ensuring our feline patients get the care they need when they need it, in an environment specifically geared towards their comfort and unique needs.

Learn more about what makes a Cat Friendly Practice so groundbreaking here! 

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